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starwars_365's Journal

Star Wars_365 Icon Challenge
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I. This is an icon challenge community where you may make 1 or more claims from the Star Wars Universe. You can make icons from the six films, the clone wars animated tv series, expanded universe...anything. If it's part of Star Wars its allowed:)

II. Each day a new theme will be posted and you will have up to 48 hours to submit your ionc to the "Themed Post". After 48 hours, the "Theme Post" will be closed.

III. You have 365 days to complete 100 icons. You may skip a theme if you wish. But you must have 100 icons at the end of 365 days or you will recieve no banner and your username will not be added in the list of the Hall of Fame.

IV. Please keep all icons PG-13. No nudity!

V. Uses will be allowed to comment on others icons. In fact, we encourage it :)

VI. SPOILERS RULE: If you are making icons from the Clone Wars animated series, please wait at least 1 week after the episodes air date before posting! Thanks :)
I. First read the FAQ's.
II. Go to the Claim's Post and read what you can claim, leave a comment at that post and a mod will approve it and add it to the list. (You are allowed to make more then 1 claim!)
III. Once your claim has been approved, you may begin working on your icon(s) for the theme of the day.
IV. I'd suggest making a post in either your personal or graphic art journal with a table, that will be provided or you can make your own, and post your new icons each day!
V. Once you've finished all 100 of your icons, head over to the Hall of Fame post and a mod will make you a banner and add you to the list!
VI. If you wish to pimp/promote this comm, you may! The more users the better!
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